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Following the establishment of the Third Republic in , the cleavage was between supporters of a strong executive on the Right and supporters of the primacy of the legislature on the Left.

A Harris Poll of American adults showed that the terms left wing and right wing were less familiar to Americans than the terms liberal or conservative. Michael Kazin writes that the left is traditionally defined as the social movement or movements ”that are dedicated to a radially egalitarian transformation of society” and suggests that many in the left in the United States who met that definition called themselves by other various terms.

Libertarian writer David Boaz argued that terms left and right are used to spin a particular point of view rather than as simple descriptors, with those on the ”left” typically emphasizing their support for working people and accusing the right of supporting the interests of the upper class; and those on the ”right” usually emphasizing their support for individualism and accusing the Left of supporting collectivism more citation needed Boaz asserts that arguments about the way the words should be used often displaces arguments about policy by raising emotional prejudice against a preconceived notion of what the terms mean.

In , British Prime Minister Tony Blair described the main cleavage in politics as not left versus right, but open versus closed. This model has seen increased support following the rise of populist and centrist parties in the s.

Norberto Bobbio saw the polarization of the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the s as evidence that the linear left—right axis remained valid. Bobbio thought that the argument that the spectrum had disappeared occurred when either the Left or Right were weak.

The dominant side would claim that its ideology was the only possible one, while the weaker side would minimize its differences. He saw the Left and Right not in absolute terms, but as relative concepts that would vary over time.

In his view, the left—right axis could be applied to any time period. There was a wide gap between the scores of the two groups, which was filled by liberal caucuses.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Left—right politics. Centre-left Radical centre Centre-right. Centre-right Far-right. Extremist Radical. Progressive Reformist Liberal. Moderate Syncretic Third Position. Conservative Reactionary Traditionalist.

Non-partisan One-party. Dominant-party Two-party Multi-party. Hung parliament Confidence and supply Minority government Rainbow coalition Grand coalition Full coalition.

Politics portal. Oxford University Press. International Studies Quarterly. Palgrave Macmillan: From Bevin to Blair Left and Right: The Significance of a Political Distinction.

Hodgson Wrong Turnings: How the Left Got Lost. University of Chicago Press. Palgrave Macmillan , , p. The Individualist Anarchists: An Anthology of Liberty — Transaction Publishers.

Experiences from Around the World eds. Edward Elgar Publishing , p. Palgrave Macmillan, In the same way, it is easier for left-wing governments to have mutual understanding with trade unions. Thomas Poguntke et al.: In Hamowy, Ronald ed.

The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism. Thousand Oaks, CA: Libertarianism and conservatism are frequently classified together as right-wing political philosophies, which is understandable given the content and history of these views. Donald Hancock et al.: It favored monarchism and deplored the Revolutions of and Magstadt, Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues , 12th ed.

Centgage Learning, , p. Monarchism is at the opposite end of the political spectrum After World War I, fascism supplanted monarchism as the principle ideology of the extreme Right. Paxton , The Anatomy of Fascism , passim, e. It rejects the individualist worldview that underlies both political liberalism and laissez-faire economics, and it recognizes the need for the state to intervene in the economy to support communities and defend human dignity.

Yet Christian democracy, in opposition to socialism, defends private property and resists excessive intervention of the state in social life and education. Duke University Press, The emergency of a variety of new social movements, particularly green and feminist movements, as well as revived regionalist movements, has prompted the major parties to compete with one another in seeking to incorporate their demand.

Gould, ”Conclusions: Supranationalism, Ethnoregionalism, Religion, and New Nationalism eds. Andrew C. Cambridge University Press, Regionalist parties on the extremes of left and right generally opposed integration, albeit for different reasons Eli M.

Harvard University Press, , p. Rather, nationalism is the doctrine of the right-wing that most easily co-opts the left. Historically, liberals and radicals have been internationalists Liberal intellectuals have fought for freedom of movement, freedom from censorship, and world cultural exchange, and have condemned ethnocentrism and prejudice.

Right-wing nationalists, on the other hand, have glorified the unique heritage of their own ethnic group. The right has fought foreign influences that would undermine their historic religion, language, customs, or politics.

But the description of the left as open and internationalist and the right as closed and nationalist is misleadingly simple. Nationalism has always been the most popularly appealing element in right-wing doctrine. As such it has been seduced and been adopted by the left.

For most of that century, nationalism was associated with the revolutionary rhetoric of popular sovereignty and used most effectively by the left, which was out of power.

Brookings Institution Press, , p. Routledge, However, to argue that ecologism is unequivocal left-wing is not so easy. For instance, green politics is in principle adverse to anything but the most timid engineering of the social and natural world by human beings.

Majorities of U. University of California Press, , p. How the Left Changed a Nation First Vintage Books ed. New Statesman. Retrieved 8 May These functions may not be available in all languages.

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