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But what about romantic relationship? I think the key challenge in Mintakan romance is to find a quality date — which is a challenge indeed when they have so many friends and constantly distracted with so many interests.

As I review my clients files, I see some are happily married, some dating on and off, and some single. Again, Mintakan dream is to work from home, which often means starting their own business. Hope they enjoy my eBook on self-employment. This yearning seems to get only stronger as they get older.

Some of my clients are in management positions and I guess they are good at what they do, including managing money. Deep down, however, I have the feeling Mintakans enjoy spending big time.

Mintakans have a wonderful way of lightening up people, and this world. They are well aligned with Divine Light. I guess Mintakans are great networkers among Lightworkers, supporting Ascension is a grass-root manner. Continue reading here: Starseed Series by akemi: All rights reserved. The Protection Stone As a stone that emerges with dramatic force from the d Read more.

Yule Yule is a solar festival and one of the Minor Sabbats. This is when th The Mental Purger Stone The dark brilliance of azurite speeds the vibratio The Wisdom Stone Lapis lazuli is a deep balancer, and works Birth Totem Owl Birth dates: November 23 – December 21 Birth Totem: Owl C The Master Healer Stone As a blue stone with a hint of green, turquoise wor The Black Horse Or Th Nov 22 – Dec 21 Spirit: Meeting competition Ego: Independent, studious, in Lunar Phases The lunar phase is important in determining the best time for The New Matrix The Matrix is a grid system that provides the light required to maintain a physical representation of.

Understanding Collapse: A Physical Systems View: Making it all about you: Returning to the Father: We are being pushed incredibly hard now to grow beyond our base auric frequency to strengthen our.

Self Care and Relationships: My guess is that if you have good self esteem and a sense of self worth, then. Spirituality and Selfishness: The general wisdom is that selfishness is the enemy of spirituality. This goes very effectively with transcendent.

Expanding Field of Perception: Currently, the planetary body is pulling in higher frequencies from the unified fields, from the trinity field. Talking to Children about Santa: My son was rather young when I took the decision to debunk Santa. I was never comfortable. Sustainable, Revolutionary Gifting: Midwinter, season of over-commercialisation looms.

Here are some tips for making your gifts more sustainable. Ask people what. Dismantling Grey Alien Technology: This last week has greatly increased the activity made by the dark Grey Alien and Zeta groups.

Commercialmass is coming: The greenest thing you can do is simply consume less. Buying more sustainable stuff is still consumption. Is The Universe Real? Yes, No, Maybe So! For most people, to question the reality of the universe may sound totally absurd.

Well of course. False Flag Manipulation: Language of Living Knowledge: The Rise of Ideological Conflicts: Going Solo in Nature: From time immemorial, human beings pursued the great outdoors for solitude, observing, listening, and learning the ways.

Happy Now? During late October every year, the Sun in Scorpio blesses us with a time to honor our. A Message to Humanity Distillation of Higher Template Coding: Artificial Timeline Wars: Dear Ascending Family, Recently, we have witnessed some of the mysteries of the mechanics of creation unfolding, with.

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