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Excitement, concerns over online sports betting coming to Tennessee

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You can bet on the Tennessee Titans and all of your other favorite teams from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. However, despite the new TN law, offshore sports betting sites remain totally legal in the state, too. These offshore sportsbooks offer Vegas-style sports betting action without the requisite airfare or hotel stay that betting in Sin City entails.

Though there are no places to bet on sports in TN like there are in sports betting states like Nevada, residents oftentimes get more betting options, like live in-game betting , than from online sportsbooks located overseas.

Additionally, since TN law forbids wagering on collegiate props, those who want the most comprehensive NCAA books for betting on the Vols and other top teams must do so via one or more overseas sports betting sites. If you live in TN and want to wager at a physical sports betting lounge, you will have to visit a neighboring state for any kind of betting action.

Tennessee does not offer commercial casinos or tribal gaming facilities. The positive side to this is that there are plenty of places to bet across the Mississippi border.

Players from cities like Memphis and Nashville will have no problem finding a nearby city where they can play slots and table games in addition to indulging in all the TN sports betting action they wish. An added benefit of wagering in a neighboring state is that Mississippi the nearest state with comprehensive sportsbooks has no limits on NCAA betting.

Tennessee sports betting has been legalized finally, but overall, the state has strict requirements when it comes to gambling, including the limited charitable gaming available.

The law explains why you will not find any casinos within the entire state. The sports culture in Tennessee is pretty big, with the state being home to several collegiate and professional teams. Though residents are welcome to bet on any team featured on their sports betting site or sites of choice, these are the most popular teams for Tennessee residents to wager on:.

Horse racing betting in Tennessee is not illegal, but you will not find any live tracks in the Volunteer State. Since being abolished, the state has created a Horse Racing Advisory Committee to research the potential impact of bringing horse racing back to the state.

Horse enthusiasts in Tennessee can still play the ponies using online racebooks. Racebooks allow you to bet on races at Thoroughbred and harness tracks all over the US and select countries in the rest of the world.

The same horse bets that you would place at the faraway track in question can be placed online, such as win, place, show, and exotic bets.

Online racebooks also have horse rebates and extra bonuses just for signing up. Betting on horses in Tennessee is more fun when you use horse betting sites.

Tennessee was the third state to regulate DFS contests and create a legal framework governing the pastime. All participants in contests must be at least 18 years old. Yes, online sportsbooks allow you to bet real money on sports in Tennessee.

Real money sports betting sites have instant deposit options so that you can start betting on sports the same day. When it comes time to collect your winnings, methods like Bitcoin ensure that your cash is delivered within hours.

Betting real money on sports in Tennessee is the most exciting way to wager. Online sports betting in Tennessee is completely safe no matter which method of online sports betting you choose. If you use sites that are regulated by the state government then you can rest easy knowing that state regulators have your back in case something goes wrong.

Without any casinos, it was believed that sports betting in Tennessee would never be more than a pipe dream. However, that dream is now a reality as state-licensed online sportsbooks have been legalized.

The operators that will accept wagers have yet to be determined, but you can also bet at offshore wagering sites in the meantime. Once the in-state options go live, you will have more online betting options in Tennessee than you ever thought possible!

No, there is not a risk of getting arrested for sports betting in Tennessee. This does, of course, depend on where you plan on placing your bets.

If using an offshore online sportsbook for legal Tennessee sports betting, law enforcement will have no reason to arrest you.

If you were attempting bookmaking or using an underground bookmaker, then you would be subject to legal penalties. The sports betting age in Tennessee is 21 years old. Keep in mind that legal sports betting sites are licensed in other countries like the UK where the betting age may be lower. You still need to wait until after your 21st birthday before joining an online sportsbook.

The legal age to bet on sports in TN always takes precedence over the age required by the sportsbook. Mobile sports betting apps in Tennessee are still on their way.

State officials have been slow to launch apps but are in a position to do so sometime in This saves you storage space while also giving you the best lines available.

The best place to bet on sports in Tennessee is from your laptop or smartphone. There is nothing more convenient than being able to bet on the Memphis Grizzlies from the comfort of your own home or wherever else you happen to be at the moment.

Live betting odds let you wager on sports in real-time, too. Even if there were physical sportsbooks in Tennessee, there are exclusive benefits to using online, offshore sportsbooks, like huge bonuses that you can only get when betting online.

No, you should not. Further, when betting with a local bookie, there is no legal or financial recourse if that bookie splits town with your winnings or simply refuses to pay out on a big bet. Legally, you cannot bet on sports with your friends in Tennessee.

The state does not permit social gambling on any level. That said, you and your friends can easily join an online sportsbook where you will all be able to choose from thousands of wagering options on TN and US sports each and every week.

Tennessee legalized sports betting in when Governor Bill Lee decided not to veto nor sign the measure that would legalize sports betting. In allowing the bill to come into law without his signature, Tennessee was the first state to approve sports betting without the approval of their governor.

Additionally, Tennessee was the first state to legalize sports betting in an online-only platform. Rich with culture and home to multiple professional and collegiate sports teams, the state of Tennessee is considered by many to be a great place to visit or live.

Tennessee offers no casino gaming whatsoever to its tourists and visitors and has an all-encompassing law against gambling across the state. This law even makes it illegal to play in tournaments for games or sports with prize money on the line.

Known for their killer Welcome Bonus and refer-a-friend program, BetOnline. They also boast early lines and quick payouts, making them one of the most respected in the industry.

Without question, Tennessee has some of the harshest laws against gambling in the entire United States. Tennessee was the last of the United States to vote in a lottery, doing so in when it formed the Tennessee State Lottery.

Sports gambling is explicitly illegal in Tennessee. Betting in Tennessee is a Class C misdemeanor. Bookmaking is also illegal and seriously regulated in a state that has a strong anti-gambling stance.

For residents of Tennessee that want to place wagers on sports, the only realistic option is to do so online. Fortunately, there are no laws on the book that mention online gambling specifically as illegal, so there are no additional fines or penalties for betting on sports online than there would be for being caught gambling offline.

This gives bettors the freedom to make their own decisions when it comes to gambling. Bettors in Tennessee must weigh the pros and cons of gambling and make a decision on their own. The penalties against betting are not too severe, but they should still be understood.

There are no brick and mortar casinos anywhere in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee is one of the last remaining states to have no casino gambling at all with no commercial or tribal casinos located anywhere in the state. Included in the lack of casinos across the state is the lack of any poker rooms.

Tennessee residents that want to partake in land-based casino gambling or poker must travel out of state to neighboring states to do so.

Poker players in the state of Tennessee are forced to turn to illegal house games or the much safer option of online poker at offshore poker rooms to play the game.

The game of poker would clearly fall under the umbrella of illegal gambling in Tennessee that includes wagering on any game in which chance is involved.

But there are no additional laws in the Tennessee Code that specifically mention poker or online gaming anywhere. Reputable offshore poker rooms have proven to be a reliable option for those that want to play the game that they enjoy despite being unable to do so in the state in which they live.

Many online poker rooms still accept Tennessee residents.

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