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In its most common form, a game is played between two teams of 15 players using an oval-shaped ball on a rectangular field with H-shaped goalposts at either end. Rugby union is a popular sport around the world, played by male and female players of all ages.

In , there were more than 6 million people playing worldwide, of whom 2. In , the first football laws were written by pupils at Rugby School ; other significant events in the early development of rugby include the decision by Blackheath F. Historically an amateur sport, in restrictions on payments to players were removed, making the game openly professional at the highest level for the first time.

Rugby union spread from the Home Nations of Great Britain and Ireland and was embraced by many of the countries associated with the British Empire. Countries that have adopted rugby union as their de facto national sport include Fiji, Georgia, Madagascar, [4] New Zealand, Samoa, and Tonga.

International matches have taken place since when the first game was played between Scotland and England at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh. The Rugby World Cup , first held in , is contested every four years. The origin of rugby football is reputed to be an incident during a game of English school football at Rugby School in Warwickshire in , when William Webb Ellis is said to have picked up the ball and run with it.

Rugby football stems from the form of the game played at Rugby School, which former pupils then introduced to their universities. Former Rugby School student Albert Pell is credited with having formed the first ”football” team while a student at Cambridge University.

These rules did not allow players to run with the ball in hand and also banned hacking kicking players in the shins. In protest of these two rules, the Blackheath Club left the FA [13] [14] followed by several other clubs that also favoured the ”Rugby Rules”. Clubs that favoured the Rugby Rules formed the Rugby Football Union in , [13] and their code became known as ”rugby football”.

In , there was a schism in England in which clubs from Northern England left the RFU over the issue of paying players. This led to the creation of the separate code of ” rugby league ”. The existing sport took on the name ”rugby union” to differentiate it from rugby league, [15] but both versions of the sport are known simply as ”rugby” throughout most of the world.

The first rugby football international was played on 27 March between Scotland and England in Edinburgh. Scotland won the game Two important overseas tours took place in During the early history of rugby union, a time before commercial air travel, teams from different continents rarely met.

The first two notable tours both took place in —the British Isles team touring New Zealand and Australia, [21] followed by the New Zealand team touring Europe. Between and , all three major Southern Hemisphere rugby countries sent their first touring teams to the Northern Hemisphere: New Zealand in , followed by South Africa in and Australia in All three teams brought new styles of play, fitness levels and tactics, [26] and were far more successful than critics had expected.

After Morgan began singing, the crowd joined in: Rugby union was included as an event in the Olympic Games four times during the early 20th century.

No international rugby games and union-sponsored club matches were played during the First World War, but competitions continued through service teams such as the New Zealand Army team. The first World Cup Sevens tournament was held at Murrayfield in Rugby Sevens was introduced into the Commonwealth Games in and was added to the Olympic Games of Rugby union was an amateur sport until the IRB declared the game ”open” in August shortly after the completion of the World Cup , removing restrictions on payments to players.

As a result of the expansion to four teams, the tournament was renamed The Rugby Championship. Each team starts the match with 15 players on the field and seven or eight substitutes.

The main responsibilities of the forward players are to gain and retain possession of the ball. Front row The front row consists of three players: The role of the two props is to support the hooker during scrums, to provide support for the jumpers during line-outs and to provide strength and power in rucks and mauls.

The third position in the front row is the hooker. The hooker is a key position in attacking and defensive play and is responsible for winning the ball in the scrum. Hookers normally throw the ball in at line-outs. Second row The second row consists of two locks or lock forwards.

Locks are usually the tallest players in the team, and specialize as line-out jumpers. Locks also have an important role in the scrum, binding directly behind the three front row players and providing forward drive. The two flanker positions called the blindside flanker and openside flanker, are the final row in the scrum.

They are usually the most mobile forwards in the game. The role of the number 8 in the scrum is to control the ball after it has been heeled back from the front of the pack, and the position provides a link between the forwards and backs during attacking phases. They are generally smaller, faster and more agile than the forwards.

Half-backs The half-backs consist of two positions, the scrum-half and the fly-half. The scrum-half is the link between the forwards and the backs. Three quarters There are four three quarter positions, the inside centre, outside centre and left and right wings.

The centres will attempt to tackle attacking players; whilst in attack, they should employ speed and strength to breach opposition defences. Their primary function is to finish off moves and score tries. Fullback The fullback normally positions themself several metres behind the back line.

They often field opposition kicks and are usually the last line of defence should an opponent break through the back line.

Points can be scored in several ways: There are typically metres yd between the two try-lines, but it can be as short as 94 metres yd.

Anywhere between 6 and 22 metres behind each try line serves as the in-goal area. The pitch must be at least 68 metres 74 yd wide, up to a maximum of 70 metres Rugby goalposts are H-shaped and are situated in the middle of the goal lines at each end of the field. They consist of two poles, 5.

The minimum height for posts is 3. At the beginning of the game, the captains and the referee toss a coin to decide which team will kick off first. Games are divided into minute halves, with a break in the middle. In the knockout stages of rugby competitions, most notably the Rugby World Cup , two extra time periods of 10 minutes periods are played with an interval of 5 minutes in between if the game is tied after full-time.

If scores are level after minutes then the rules call for 20 minutes of sudden-death extra time to be played. If the sudden-death extra time period results in no scoring a kicking competition is used to determine the winner.

However, no match in the history of the Rugby World Cup has ever gone past minutes into a sudden-death extra time period. Forward passing throwing the ball ahead to another player is not allowed; the ball can be passed laterally or backwards.

Only the player with the ball may be tackled or rucked. When a ball is knocked forward by a player with their arms, a ”knock-on” is committed, and play is restarted with a scrum.

Any player may kick the ball forward in an attempt to gain territory. When a player anywhere in the playing area kicks indirectly into touch so that the ball first bounces in the field of play, the throw-in is taken where the ball went into touch.

The aim of the defending side is to stop the player with the ball, either by bringing them to ground a tackle, which is frequently followed by a ruck or by contesting for possession with the ball-carrier on their feet a maul.

Such a circumstance is called a breakdown and each is governed by a specific law. A player may tackle an opposing player who has the ball by holding them while bringing them to ground. Tacklers cannot tackle above the shoulder the neck and head are out of bounds , [66] and the tackler has to attempt to wrap their arms around the player being tackled to complete the tackle.

It is illegal to push, shoulder-charge, or to trip a player using feet or legs, but hands may be used this being referred to as a tap-tackle or ankle-tap.

Mauls occur after a player with the ball has come into contact with an opponent but the handler remains on his feet; once any combination of at least three players have bound themselves a maul has been set.

When the ball leaves the side of the field, a line-out is awarded against the team which last touched the ball. Both sides compete for the ball and players may lift their teammates.

A scrum is a way of restarting the game safely and fairly after a minor infringement. A team may also opt for a scrum if awarded a penalty. A scrum is formed by the eight forwards from each team crouching down and binding together in three rows, before interlocking with the opposing team.

Behind the second row is the number 8. This formation is known as the 3—4—1 formation. There are three match officials: Common offences include tackling above the shoulders, collapsing a scrum , ruck or maul, not releasing the ball when on the ground, or being offside.

Occasionally, infringements are not caught by the referee during the match and these may be ”cited” by the citing commissioner after the match and have punishments usually suspension for a number of weeks imposed on the infringing player. During the match, players may be replaced for injury or substituted for tactical reasons.

Prior to , all substitutions, no matter the cause, counted against the limit during a match. In , World Rugby changed the law so that substitutions made to replace a player deemed unable to continue due to foul play by the opposition would no longer count against the match limit.

The most basic items of equipment for a game of rugby union are the ball itself, a rugby shirt also known as a ”jersey” , rugby shorts , socks, and boots. The rugby ball is oval in shape technically a prolate spheroid , and is made up of four panels. World Rugby lays out specific dimensions for the ball, —mm in length, —mm in circumference of length and —mm in circumference of width.

The studs may be either metal or plastic but must not have any sharp edges or ridges. Protective equipment is optional and strictly regulated. The most common items are mouthguards , which are worn by almost all players, and are compulsory in some rugby-playing nations.

Female players may also wear chest pads. The international governing body of rugby union and associated games such as sevens is World Rugby WR. Six regional associations, which are members of WR, form the next level of administration; these are:.

National unions oversee rugby union within individual countries and are affiliated to WR. Since , the WR Council has 40 seats. In addition, the six regional associations have two seats each.

The earliest countries to adopt rugby union were England , the country of inception, and the other three Home Nations, Scotland , Ireland and Wales. The spread of rugby union as a global sport has its roots in the exporting of the game by British expatriates, military personnel, and overseas university students.

The first rugby club in France was formed by British residents in Le Havre in , while the next year Argentina recorded its first game: At least seven countries have adopted rugby union as their de facto national sport ; they are Fiji, [] Georgia , Madagascar , [] [] [] New Zealand , [] Samoa, [] Tonga [] and Wales.

Several island nations have embraced the sport of rugby. The city of Montreal also played its part in the introduction of the sport in the United States , when students of McGill University played against a team from Harvard University in Although the exact date of arrival of rugby union in Trinidad and Tobago is unknown, their first club Northern RFC was formed in , a national team was playing by and due to a cancelled tour to British Guiana in , switched their venue to Barbados ; introducing rugby to the island.

The growth of rugby union in Europe outside the 6 Nations countries in terms of playing numbers has been sporadic.

The rest of Europe were left to play amongst themselves. During a period when it had been isolated by the British and Irish Unions, France, lacking international competition, became the only European team from the top tier to regularly play the other European countries; mainly Belgium , the Netherlands , Germany , Spain , Romania , Poland , Italy and Czechoslovakia.

Other European rugby playing nations of note include Russia , whose first officially recorded match is marked by an encounter between Dynamo Moscow and the Moscow Institute of Physical Education in It adopted its current name of Rugby Europe in Although Argentina is the best-known rugby playing nation in South America , founding the Argentine Rugby Union in , [] several other countries on the continent have a long history.

Many Asian countries have a tradition of playing rugby dating from the British Empire. India began playing rugby in the early s, the Calcutta Football Club forming in However, with the departure of a local British army regiment, interest in rugby diminished in the area.

Rugby union was introduced to Japan in by two Cambridge students: Ginnosuke Tanaka and Edward Bramwell Clarke.

Other Asian playing countries of note include Singapore , South Korea , China and The Philippines , while the former British colony of Hong Kong is notable within rugby for its development of the rugby sevens game, especially the Hong Kong Sevens tournament which was founded in The official union of Oman was formed in This resulted in rugby being viewed as a bourgeois sport by the indigenous people with limited appeal.

In more recent times the sport has been embraced by several African nations. In the early 21st century Madagascar has experienced crowds of 40, at national matches, [] while Namibia, whose history of rugby can be dated from , have qualified for the final stages of the World Cup four times since South Africa are the reigning champions, having defeated England in the final of the Rugby World Cup in Yokohama.

The Rugby World Cup has continued to grow since its inception in The first tournament, in which 16 teams competed for the title, was broadcast to 17 countries with an accumulated total of million television viewers.

Ticket sales during the pool stages and finals of the same tournament was less than a million. The World Cup was contested by 94 countries with ticket sales of 3,, over the pool and final stage.

The accumulated television audience for the event, then broadcast to countries, was a claimed 4. It was the ninth edition and the first time the tournament has been held in Asia.

Following the first internationals between England and Scotland, Ireland and Wales began competing in the s, forming the Home International Championships. In a new system was introduced where each nation plays the others three times, though in and the teams played each other only twice, as both were World Cup years.

In World Cup years, an abbreviated tournament is held in which each team plays the others only once. Rugby union was played at the Olympic Games in , , and In , France won the gold, beating Great Britain 27 points to 8 and defeating Germany 27 points to In , the United States again defeated France 17 to 3, becoming the only team to win gold twice in the sport.

In the International Olympic Committee voted with a majority of 81 to 8 that rugby union be reinstated as an Olympic sport in at least the and games, but in the sevens, 4-day tournament format.

In the and editions of the games, both the usual fifteen-a-side variety and rugby sevens were played, but from onwards, only rugby sevens was retained.

The event is likely to remain a permanent fixture of the Asian Games due to elevation of rugby sevens as an Olympic sport from the Olympics onwards. Following the event, World Rugby moved the next edition of the event to , with a new four-year cycle from that point forward.

However, since then, England have won only in ; reigning champion France have won in each even-numbered year , , whilst Ireland won in and Rugby union has been professionalized since The following table shows fully professional rugby competitions.

Semi-professional competitions are excluded. Rugby union has spawned several variants of the full-contact, a-side game. The two most common differences in adapted versions are fewer players and reduced player contact.

Premier 15s. Head coach Richard Cockerill on improving his Edinburgh players, the World Cup toll on his captain and the lingering pain of defeat. Former British and Irish Lions forward Tom Smith, 48, reveals he has had a ”daunting” stage four cancer diagnosis.

It is 50 years since a planned peaceful anti-apartheid protest at a South Africa tour match in Swansea descended into violence – and sent shockwaves around the world. BBC rugby union correspondent Chris Jones on the questions facing Saracens as they appeal against a huge points deduction and fine for breaching salary cap regulations.

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